Cliched Meaning of Life

The Cliched Meaning of Life. Here it is in text format: Have you ever seen a performance so [continue reading…]

An In-Depth Analysis of 1,000 Performances

My comedy career began on October 21, 2004, with a shortform improv comedy show in Smith Hall on The Ohio State University’s campus. On February 11, 2016,  11 years, 3 months, and 21 days later, I performed my 1,000th show as a stand-up comedian, improviser, storyteller, spoken word artist, and sketch performer. Because I’m an engineer, I [continue reading…]

Stand Up Set at the Stand

A 5-minute set I did at The Stand in NYC. [continue reading…]

Homemade Happiness

19 April 2015. Stavanger, Norway I swallowed the last of my homemade ice cream and set the spoon [continue reading…]

NY Times on Comedy

A friend sent me two recent NY Times articles related to comedy and I thought both provided interesting [continue reading…]

Picnic Anthem

A promo video for one of my improv groups, Slapstick Picnic. [continue reading…]

Shoot From the Hip Filmmaking Intensive Notes

After working on a short-film with a friend, I decided I wanted to learn more about the filmmaking [continue reading…]