zoom picture in picture

One of the key differentiating factors between a standard, boring webinar, and a more engaging, polished virtual presentation is the use of Picture-in-Picture (PiP). This is the industry term for what you see above, where you can see both the speaker and their slides clearly at the same time. Too often, dry webinars consist of […]

Updated February 2021 with my current setup at the bottom. With each week that passes under COVID-19, more and more groups are looking towards virtual programs as a way to provide content, value, and connection to their employees, members, and users. Last week, I shared tips on transitioning an event into a virtual experience. This […]

As COVID-19 continues to disrupt the events industry, more and more organizations are having to make the tough decision between postponing an event, taking it virtual, or cancelling it all together. While it’s easy to dismiss creating a virtual experience in lieu of the other two, there are a few things worth considering: People need […]


You hear a lot of words of comfort when you’ve lost someone close to you. You hear, “They’re in a better place,” “They were a good person,” or “I’m sorry for your loss.” They’re all cliche but that’s because there’s nothing you can say that will fix how the person feels. All you can do […]

promoting tedx video

Getting and delivering a TEDx Talk (or any type of fantastic video content) is only the beginning of the journey for that video. What comes next is how you get more people to watch the incredible thing you’ve created. Other content creators will often ask what I did to get my TEDx talk on the […]

andrew tarvin at funnybizz

Seven years ago, I woke up, sent some emails, and went bowling for a friend’s birthday. And I did it all as a full-time entrepreneur. As of July 1, 2012 I was no longer a Procter & Gamble employee, I had officially started working on Humor That Works full-time. And 2,556 days later, I’m still […]

skill of humor tedx

Two years ago today, my TEDx talk on the skill of humor was uploaded to the TEDx YouTube Channel. To say it has changed my life is both an exaggeration and an understatement. It’s an exaggeration because regardless of how it was received, I would have continued on my mission to make the world funnier […]

As a kid, I dreamed of growing up to become an international hip hop superstar… It never really panned out, but that didn’t stop me from writing raps. When writing The United States of Laughter, I found the opportunity (or excuse) to finally lay down some rhymes. This is the result… The lyrics: Verse 1So […]

best tweets 2018

2018 marked my 10th year on Twitter. Like previous years, I decided to take a look back at my best tweets from the year, spanning 882 tweets, 730,000+ impressions, 2,772 likes, and 473 retweets. Here are the top tweets of 2018: 1. Engineering Emotion Emotions are just data. Which I've learned is the wrong thing […]

lessons from p&g

It’s now been six years since I left my job at P&G. While looking through old files, I found this note that I shared with my coworkers as I left: Six Lessons I Learned from Six Years at P&G. As I leave, I can’t help but be compelled to leave some advice for you and […]