My Best Tweets of 2021

In my 13th year on twitter, I took a little bit of a break. I only tweeted 123 times bringing in 113,000 impressions, bringing 717 likes and 59 retweets. And still I found some puns I really enjoyed. Here are my top tweets of 2021:

1. Though Hindsight is 20/20

2. It’s Going Up and Up

3. The Only Time People Are Beneath You

4. Or Savion Glover

5. I’m Also Odd

6. Two Soon?

7. Do They Also Wear Cologne?

8. Sometimes My Eye Twitches

9. Tel me Mo

10. He’ll Play a Guy Named Jack

11. It Makes You Die a Little

12. Oh Hey You

13. Over There is Elmer

14. Just a Bit Outside

15. I Used a Ram

16. So Many People at the Golden Gate Bridge

17. We Were Able to Iron Things Out

18. They Were Made for Walking

19. I Should Cross that Bridge When I Come To It

20. Will You Marry Me? OaK

21. Bed and Banking On It

22. In Case Someone is Plotting Against Me

23. Sometimes They’re a Bit Sketchy

24. Read the Room

25. At Least My Personality is Sparkling

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