If a tree falls in the forest, and no one is around to take a selfie with it, does it really matter? In today’s society, the answer seems to be no. So I decided to take a selfie in each of the 50 states and compile them together in this video.

If you want to check out the individual pictures, you can see them here on Flickr.

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back of the white house

Sadly, at 24 years of age, today was my first time voting in an election for the US government. I’ve voted for where our family should go for vacation, who should be Prom Queen,who should be #1 in the AP Preseason NCAA Football poll, and even who should be the Last Comic Standing, but I had never voted for someone for a government position, until today.

If you only count national elections, then really I’ve only missed one. I turned 18 in 2002, and abstained from voting in 2004 (I didn’t like either candidate). But the election of the President is only one of many that take place over the course of 4 years. Considering there are countries where people aren’t afforded this opportunity, and that people die protecting our ability to vote, it seems selfish not to.

More than any year before, I’ve been following this election closely (of course with this media coverage it’s impossible not to). Since the initial caucuses this year, I’ve kept abreast of what’s going on in both parties. As a registered Independent, I could vote either way in any election, it all depends on the candidates and the issues.

And everything, all the campaigning, all the smear ads, all of The Daily Show and Saturday Night Live sketches, comes down to today.

My First Voting Experience

Now that I reside in New York, I registered here many weeks ago. Unfortunately I forgot to sign the registration form, so it got sent back to me and I had to re-send it in. This would prove to be costly as I wasn’t on the voter registration list when I checked in this morning. I cast an affidavit ballot to “have my voice heard” but it doesn’t quite feel the same as if I’d gone in the booth and pulled the lever or whatever it is you do.

I should also mention that I made the mistake of not following some of the other offices I would be voting for.  Aside from the Presidential candidate, I didn’t know a single thing about any of the Senate or House candidates.  Naturally, rather than abstain from voting for a candidate that I know nothing about, I picked based on their name (again I’m Independent so voting only one platform isn’t my thing).

At least I can be happy that my voting location was the lobby of my building, and that I only waited an hour in the morning when I as still waking up.

The results are coming in now, but in a few hours we’ll know the next President of the United States. Hopefully you all had enjoyable voting experiences, and good luck to your candidate. And if you’re curious, I voted for … oh what’s that over there.

(Note: I’m more than happy to discuss the merits of the person I voted for, but that wasn’t the purpose of this article–maybe another day.)

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