An In-Depth Analysis of 1,000 Performances

My comedy career began on October 21, 2004, with a shortform improv comedy show in Smith Hall on The Ohio State University’s campus. On February 11, 2016,  11 years, 3 months, and 21 days later, I performed my 1,000th show as a stand-up comedian, improviser, storyteller, spoken word artist, and sketch performer. Because I’m an engineer, I [continue reading…]

Improvising Conversations

A talk I gave at the AIN Conference 2015 on how I use improv to converse with other humans. [continue reading…]

The 8th Floor Alumni Weekend

11 April 2015. Columbus, OH I looked around the room at the 30+ people playing the warm up Kitty in [continue reading…]

Seattle to Turin in 5 Minutes, Part 2

21 March 2015. Turin, Italy. Read Seattle to Turin in 5 Minutes Part 1 It was one month [continue reading…]

Seattle to Turin in 5 Minutes, Part 1

20 February. Seattle, WA I was sitting in a cafe in Seattle, WA, around 12pm, about to order a delicious food-item from the eclectic menu. Across from me was Alice, a friend from The Ohio State University, who I had met when she brought me in to talk to the incoming Resident Advisors in 2012. Now, [continue reading…]

Performances in Review 2013

For the third year in a row, one of my goals was to perform at least 100 times. Last year I hit 133 performances, the year before 119. This year it was 102. Here are some stats regarding the performances: 54% of shows were shortform improv, 5% of shows were traditional longform improv, 23% were [continue reading…]

So You Finished Your First Improv Class…

Congratulations! You’ve finished your first level of improv classes. You have 8 weeks of training under your belt, [continue reading…]