How to Export Flickr Metadata to a CSV File

As part of analyzing my 18 months as a nomad, I wanted to look at how many pictures I took and analyze some of the metadata to determine photos by state, photos by trip, and more. I assumed this was going to be an easy task, all I wanted to do was download¬†flickr metadata to [continue reading…]

6 Pages Every Actor’s Website Should Have

One of my most popular requests is setting up websites for actors, comedians, and improvisers. The process to do so is usually pretty quick (assuming the person has the copy for each page, I can turn it around in a day or two) and is mostly painless. If you’re an actor looking to set up [continue reading…]

Optimize Your Personal WordPress Blog

Why Optimize a Personal Blog? There are a number of different sites and services that offer ways to [continue reading…]