Literal Book Launch

To celebrate my new book, The United States of Laughter, I decided to do a literal book launch. We attached my book to a pumpkin and then shot it out of a catapult. Shout out to Team ETHOS for helping me with the launch! Buy the book on Amazon in Print, Kindle, or Audiobook! [continue reading…]

Never Date A …

You should never date a(n) … Optometrist because you’ll never see eye to eye. Historian because she records [continue reading…]

Michael Jackson – Number One

In honor of the late King of Pop, I thought I’d rehash a bit I worked on 2 [continue reading…]

Love at First Sight

I tried dating my optometrist once, but it didn’t work out – we never really saw eye to [continue reading…]

Addition Defice- Hey what’s that over there?

I had dinner with the fam tonight. We enjoyed a delightul meal the Hitching Post, famous for their [continue reading…]