26 ideas for single pane cartoons (a la the Far Side), from A-Z:

Anthropomorphized office supplies stage a coup at work
Baseball bans all substances but bread and water
Carrot Top meets his arch-rival, Steak Bottom
Denim pants, shirts, jackets, shoes, and glasses come back in style
Etch-a-Sketch art museum ruined in Earthquake
Fireflies and the firefighterflies that put them out
Gondola with the Wind
Hurricane jealousy among lower Category hurricanes
Interview with a Lampire (lamp that is vampire)
Jaguar (the animal) goes out of business
Lackey School
Mighty Mouse suffers defeat from Magnificent Mousetrap
Nine Inch Nails meets MC Hammer
Odd Numbers (acting bizarre)
Picasso, the fifth teenage mutant ninja turtle
Quilted Quicker Picker Upper factory
Riddled (puzzles) with bullets
Shipwrecks of the future
TLC = Tender Loving Cher
Underground Air Line (lesser known than Underground Railroad)
Vietnam veteran veterinarian
Walker, Texas Ranger (actual old person walker)
Xerox Headquarters (two of them)
Yosemite Sam, Grand Canyon Phil, and Rocky Mountain Bob
Zero gets divided after The Great Number War

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