post holidays blues

A Poem for the return from the Holidays (repost from P&G Blog):

The Holidays are over, it’s back to work boys and girls.
It was a great vacation, without a care in the world.
But it’s the new year, so it’s back to business.
Wow did it fly by, it went with a quickness.

My inbox is overflowing, with 1000’s of emails.
I’ve got sticky notes on my screen, and quite a few voicemails.
It’s worst than I had imagined, worst than I feared,
Why did I blow everything off, saying “I’ll do it next year?”

What does this note mean? What was I supposed to do?
Does that say email Jerry, or upgrade software to version 2?
I left too many cryptic messages, I’m now like my own detective,
I do this every year, by now I should expect it.

I need to talk to Sarah.  What?  She’s still on vacation?
What’s it been, a month now?  Doesn’t she know my frustration?
So what if I should have done this, way back in December.
No one was doing much work, don’t you remember?

Oh look, there goes Barry, he supposedly “worked” through the break.
What a smart move, no one was here to see if he faked.
That’s not really fair, perhaps he created a better plan,
Maybe he was more disciplined than I, though he seems a little tan.

But now it’s all caught up with me, I’m behind the 8 ball.
There’s an elephant in the room, and he’s 15-feet tall.
But maybe if I work, some 80 hour weeks,
I’ll be able to catch up, and my boss won’t freak.

Oh who am I kidding, I’ll never get this project to green,
And I’m already awaiting, the day-off on January 19.
I wish for this all this work, I could just hit the snooze,
Because I definitely have, the Post Holiday Blues.

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