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15 February – 21 February

My journey to all 50 states in 365 days officially begins here, in Seattle, WA. I was there for couple of trainings I was leading but also managed to say hi to some friends (we had full conversations, I didn’t just say “Hi”).

The focus of the trip was a 2-day training that I was co-facilitating for Microsoft. It’s a great off site that I have the pleasure of doing with one one of the greatest facilitator is I’ve had the experience of working with, a gentlemen by the name of Phill Nosworthy.

I got in on Sunday after an earlier flight cancellation (and subsequent re-booking that actually got me in earlier than my original flight, thanks Delta!).

I got in in the evening and a friend of mine, who I’ve known since the 3rd Grade, pick me up at the airport. He and his wife, showed me a quick driving tour of Seattle before stopping at Kickin’ Boot Whiskey Kitchen for dinner despite the restaurant name seemingly belonging in a Western.

Monday was used mostly to prep for the upcoming training, though it did include a nice dinner with some of the colleagues working the event.

I remember someone telling me a long time ago that if you go to an ethnic restaurant and most of the patrons are of that ethnicity, you know it’s going to be a good meal. Given that we were the only non-Asian group at a packed Facing East, I knew it had a good place.

Tuesday and Wednesday were focused on the event, which went well. It’s incredible content so that’s not a surprise. On Thursday I led a couple of workshops, the first was humor in the workplace training for the fast-rising startup and the second was a communication workshop for General Assembly.

Friday I had lunch with a friend who had brought me in to train at Ohio State a few years ago. While at the restaurant, Portage Bay Cafe, I randomly ran into another friend who I did improv with in NYC. She was in town for the Seattle Improv Festival (more on that below).

That evening I performed with ComedySportz Seattle, crashed at one the players’ place, and then headed to the airport at 05:00 for my flight back to New York.

Though I wasn’t fully aware of it at the time, this wasn’t going to be an important part in my journey.


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