Since 2008 I’ve called NYC my home. But in 2012, I left my comfy corporate job to start my own business, with the mission to teach people how to enjoy their work more while doing it better.

Over the course of working with thousands of people at hundreds of organizations, I’ve traveled to 22 states, 9 countries, and 3 continents, spending as much as 25% of my nights on the road.

In February 2015, I decided to see what it’d be like to turn that 25% of my time to 100%… I decided to become a nomad.

A Corporate Nomad

The idea of living location independent is nothing new. There are some phenomenal bloggers that have already shared their stories, including Nomadic Matt, Kareem Mayan (no longer active), and James Turner.

So why another blog? My case is a little different. I don’t consider myself a “digital nomad.” While some of my work certainly takes place online, I also do a lot of in-person speaking, training, consulting, and coaching.

I think of myself more as a “corporate nomad.” Someone still very much entrenched in helping small to large companies become more effective and more productive. And that means a slightly different focus.

Many digital nomads find Southeast Asia particularly alluring because of it’s cost of living and pro-nomad services. Based on my corporate work, I’ll be sticking more to the United States and Europe.

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