18 Months as a Nomad – By the Numbers

Today’s the day. After being a nomad for 550 days, I’m hanging up my traveling shoes and settling back in NYC (Brooklyn to be exact). From March 1, 2015 to September 1, 2016, I lived out of two bags, traveling the world for work, fun, and selfies. After 18 months, I decided to return to the [continue reading…]

Journey to the Top

20 April 2015. Preikestolen, Norway My feet hung over the cliff, where 600 meters (1980 feet) below, the blue water of the Norwegian fjord settled like blue concrete. My right hand held a Kvikk Lunsj chocolate bar (basically a Norwegian Kit Kat) as my left hand held on for dear life. My friend and travel companion, Harald, took my picture [continue reading…]

What I’m Doing With My Stuff

One of the questions that people first ask when they find out about my nomadic adventure is, “Are you crazy?” The second question is “What are you doing with all of your stuff?” This always reminds me of George Carlin’s bit on stuff (warning NSFW language): The Stuff I Own To determine how much stuff I [continue reading…]

Why I’m Going Nomadic

My last day at P&G was June 30, 2012. Since then, I’ve worked for myself, building and growing Humor That Works. I’ve worked with phenomenal organizations, have met some incredible people, and talked about a wide variety of topics. I’ve also traveled a ton. Last year alone I spent 94 nights on the road and [continue reading…]

What is a Corporate Nomad?

Since 2008 I’ve called NYC my home. But in 2012, I left my comfy corporate job to start my [continue reading…]