My Nomad Packing List

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So You Finished Your First Improv Class…

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10 Tips for Surviving Your First Improv Class

So you finally decided to sign up for your first improv class? That’s awesome, congratulations. Over the years I’ve taken a number of classes; some of have been incredible, others not so much. Here are a 10 tips I’ve learned on how to make the most out of your maiden voyage into classes on improvisation. [continue reading…]

50 Improv Tips from Billy Merritt’s Improv Party

Starting in 2002, Billy Merritt (of Ninja, Robot, Pirate fame) started writing what he called “Billy Merrit’s Improv Party.” It started as a story to share his thoughts on improv and turned into a full-blown thread of awesome improv tips. I definitely recommend reading the entire thing (though it is a bit lengthy at 50 posts). It was originally [continue reading…]

Amateur Filmmaking Tips from Shoot from the Hip

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21 Tips for Performing

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15 Tips for Saving Money

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