$100 challenge

This week’s project was to live on a $100 budget for the entire week. Below is the “diary” of that spending, or you can read about what I learned from living on a limited budget. Day 1 – Sunday 9:17am – The start of this week isn’t so bad. Matt is leaving today, so his […]

Why Optimize a Personal Blog? There are a number of different sites and services that offer ways to build a website; there are hundreds of ebooks available describing the best “online marketing” strategies; there are thousands of techniques that are supposedly guaranteed to get you traffic and generate sales.  That’s all fine and dandy, but […]

UPDATE 2016: These pictures are absolutely cringeworthy but I’m leaving these up for comedic purposes (and not in the way it was originally intended).

I recently wrapped up my first class at UCB with my class performance on August 16. This a review of the Upright Citizens Brigade’s Improv 101 class. Summary UCB’s Improv 101 class is a great introduction into the world of improv.  It provides an end-to-end look at the key skills it takes to be a […]

Instructor: Bobby MoynihanDate Take: June 2008 I took a short break from improv after moving to New York in January 2008. To jump back into it, I decided to take classes at Upright Citizens Brigade—my first official improv class and my first real exposure to long-form improv. Below are the notes I took from the […]

“Money can’t buy happiness, but … … it allows you to rent.” – Anon. … neither can poverty.” – Leo Rosten … it can make you awfully comfortable while you’re being miserable.” – Clare Boothe Luce Introduction Regardless of your opinion about money (whether they resemble those sentiments above, or more aligned with Biggie’s “Mo […]

UPDATE 2016: A promo video I made in 2008. Check out the incredible title graphics!

best of 2007

2007 marked my first year of staying committed to blogging, thanks to the 365 Days of Drewy Goodness challenge. That meant 365 days of posts about all sorts of things. As time has gone on, keeping all 365 of those posts seems unnecessary. In it’s place I’m leaving this “Best of 365 days of blogging” post […]

mushroom mines

This post is making it’s way to you from the lovely town of Morehead, KY. My brother has been attending college at Morehead State University on and off for the past seven years (undergrad and now grad school). In those seven years I’ve visited him exactly once prior to the trip this weekend, so it seemed […]

giving of thanks

Thanksgiving – who doesn’t love today (except maybe Native Americans)? Family, thinking of things for which to be thankful, boatloads of delicious food (namely turkey and mashed potatoes). Today also starts the seeming 8-week streak of having some form of turkey to eat at every single meal. I do really enjoy the Holiday because it’s […]