Instructors: Neil Casey / Kevin HinesDate Taken: October 2008 The concept of “game” taught at UCB immediately appealed to my math-mind and helped me find ways to explore funny.  I took 201 as an intensive (8 3-hour days over 2 weeks) hoping to get through it faster, and while it was a fun experience, it was […]

Instructor: Aaron HaberDate Taken: October 2008 When I first started taking classes in NYC, I found a description of one called Clocked! by Aaron from the Broadway Comedy Club. The idea of the class was to learn a form that involved a series of 30-second and 10-second scenes. While I don’t know that it makes […]

I just finished my 201 intensive at UCB with my class show on October 26. This a review of the Upright Citizens Brigade’s Improv 201 class. Summary UCB’s Improv 201 Intensive class was a great class that helped me learn how to better identify the game of the scene and heighten it, both in the […]

In the current economic climate, it seems that just about everyone is trying to find ways to save money and prepare for the challenging months ahead.  I recently challenged myself to live on only $100 for an entire week to see if I could and what I would learn. I didn’t realize that the project […]

Instructor: Dominic DierkesDate Taken: August 2008  At about the same time I decided to jump back into improv, I also decided to take a sketch class. I never really had much interest in writing sketch for the stage, but figured the class could give me some good insights on overall comedic writing. Below are the […]

$100 challenge

This week’s project was to live on a $100 budget for the entire week. Below is the “diary” of that spending, or you can read about what I learned from living on a limited budget. Day 1 – Sunday 9:17am – The start of this week isn’t so bad. Matt is leaving today, so his […]

Why Optimize a Personal Blog? There are a number of different sites and services that offer ways to build a website; there are hundreds of ebooks available describing the best “online marketing” strategies; there are thousands of techniques that are supposedly guaranteed to get you traffic and generate sales.  That’s all fine and dandy, but […]

UPDATE 2016: These pictures are absolutely cringeworthy but I’m leaving these up for comedic purposes (and not in the way it was originally intended).

I recently wrapped up my first class at UCB with my class performance on August 16. This a review of the Upright Citizens Brigade’s Improv 101 class. Summary UCB’s Improv 101 class is a great introduction into the world of improv.  It provides an end-to-end look at the key skills it takes to be a […]

Instructor: Bobby MoynihanDate Take: June 2008 I took a short break from improv after moving to New York in January 2008. To jump back into it, I decided to take classes at Upright Citizens Brigade—my first official improv class and my first real exposure to long-form improv. Below are the notes I took from the […]