stand up 2006

I’ve recently been doing some thinking about my persona on-stage and have come up with a few ideas about “Stand Up Drew.” The first big point is that there are some key differences and similarities between my on-stage and off-stage personas. If I had to identify some differences, I’d say they were: I’m more outgoing […]

8th floor send off show

First and foremost, I have to thank Katie for leaving me an amazing comment on my blog.  If even half of what she says is true, then I know that all the time and effort I put into comedy is well worth it.  Comments like that make me feel so fortunate to even be able […]

youtube dilemma

I was talking to Matt at Smarty Pants practice tonight and something he mentioned got me thinking about my blog and the stand up that I do. He talked about how, in a way, it can be nice to be a relatively unknown comedian. As an unknown, you can do the same material over and […]

A stand-up set from 2006 at Funny Bone at Newport on the Levee. My 19th stand-up show. UPDATE 2016: It’s weird to leave this up considering how bad it is, but I think it’s an important part of my evolution. Plus who doesn’t enjoy a good anti-Michigan joke?

365 days of drewy goodness

As anyone that has read some of my previous postings can tell, I have a problem with commitment. I’ve attempted to start blogging consistently on a number of occasions (see “Joke of the Day”, “A New Thinking”, “The Cooking Project”, and “What I Learned”), but I’ve been unable to stick to any of them. Well, […]