cemetery sign

In today’s issue of Personal Development Week, we’re going to cover health.  You’ve spent all that time building up wealth, now lets get you to a point where you can actually live to enjoy it. The first thing to realize is that there are really two kinds of health: physical, and mental/emotional. Physical Health The […]

dollar bill

The single most important thing you can do to take care of your finances is to create a budget. Sure it’s an ugly word, and not a fun process, but if you don’t track where your money is going, and try to make a plan for future revenues and expenses, you aren’t going to achieve […]

defining success

The title for this category in Personal Development Week is an interesting one, because I’m sure many of you were wondering, “What do you mean by success?” The irony is that in order to be successful, you have to answer that exact question for yourself. Everybody’s definition of success is going to be different – one […]

goals and discipline

When it came down to choosing the first topic to talk about in Personal Development Week, discipline was an easy choice. Without the discipline to follow through with anything, you’ll have a difficult time achieving any of the other categories. The biggest misconception about discipline is that if you don’t have it, than you don’t […]

stand up 2006

I’ve recently been doing some thinking about my persona on-stage and have come up with a few ideas about “Stand Up Drew.” The first big point is that there are some key differences and similarities between my on-stage and off-stage personas. If I had to identify some differences, I’d say they were: I’m more outgoing […]

8th floor send off show

First and foremost, I have to thank Katie for leaving me an amazing comment on my blog.  If even half of what she says is true, then I know that all the time and effort I put into comedy is well worth it.  Comments like that make me feel so fortunate to even be able […]

youtube dilemma

I was talking to Matt at Smarty Pants practice tonight and something he mentioned got me thinking about my blog and the stand up that I do. He talked about how, in a way, it can be nice to be a relatively unknown comedian. As an unknown, you can do the same material over and […]

A stand-up set from 2006 at Funny Bone at Newport on the Levee. My 19th stand-up show. UPDATE 2016: It’s weird to leave this up considering how bad it is, but I think it’s an important part of my evolution. Plus who doesn’t enjoy a good anti-Michigan joke?

365 days of drewy goodness

As anyone that has read some of my previous postings can tell, I have a problem with commitment. I’ve attempted to start blogging consistently on a number of occasions (see “Joke of the Day”, “A New Thinking”, “The Cooking Project”, and “What I Learned”), but I’ve been unable to stick to any of them. Well, […]