brussels shopping center

Storytime in Brussels

25 April 2015. Brussels, Belgium I cringed slightly as I took the picture. Up until that point, it was the […]

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amsterdam canal at night

A Boat, A Bridge, and Boom

25 April 2015. Amsterdam, Netherlands My boots landed with a heavy thud as I ran down the Amsterdam street. With […]

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top of preikestolen

Journey to the Top

20 April 2015. Preikestolen, Norway My feet hung over the cliff, where 600 meters (1980 feet) below, the blue water of […]

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norwegian harbor

Homemade Happiness

19 April 2015. Stavanger, Norway I swallowed the last of my homemade ice cream and set the spoon down. I […]

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fishing rod

5 Guys, 1 Fish

19 April 2015. Stavanger, Norway I casted my line out into the water. The lore made a “plop” sound, much like […]

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8th floor improv banner

The 8th Floor Alumni Weekend

11 April 2015. Columbus, OH I looked around the room at the 30+ people playing the warm up Kitty in the Corner. […]

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david and me

The Best Teacher I’ve Ever Had

31 March 2015. New York, NY “Who was the best teacher you’ve ever had?” The question was posed to me […]

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stepping forward csz

Celebrity Punishment

28 March 2015. Richmond, VA I stepped out into center stage, or as we call it, the middle of the […]

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swiss wing over ny

In Time (Life Imitates Art)

24 March 2015. Over New York, NY I sat anxiously in my seat. The plane I was on from Geneva […]

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