boston library

Travel Rule: One Stop Minimum

When traveling for business, it’s incredibly easy to just focus on the work and not take advantage of whatever city […]

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looking out the window

My First Day as a Corporate Nomad

I stood looking at my nearly empty apartment. The date was 01 March 2015. The only thing remaining in the place I […]

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leather sofa

What I’m Doing With My Stuff

One of the questions that people first ask when they find out about my nomadic adventure is, “Are you crazy?” The […]

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airplane wing

Nomad Travel Log

On March 1, 2015, I started a nomadic journey, leaving my place in New York to reside pretty much anywhere […]

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Gear: Tom Bihn Synapse 25 Backpack

For my travels, I’ve decided to go with a two-bag approach. This isn’t surprising: three bags would be inconvenient with […]

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seattle skyline

An Unexpected Start in Seattle

15 February – 21 February My journey to all 50 states in 365 days officially begins here, in Seattle, WA. I was […]

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seattle to turin

Seattle to Turin in 5 Minutes, Part 1

20 February. Seattle, WA I was sitting in a cafe in Seattle, WA, around 12pm, about to order a delicious […]

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Gear: Red Oxx Air Boss Bag

The first major purchase for my nomadic travels was my primary travel bag, the Red Oxx Air Boss carry on bag, co-developed by Doug […]

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alamo texas

Testing Out Texas

05 February to 10 February I don’t officially start my nomadic travels until March 1st, but I have two trips […]

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