stepping forward csz

Celebrity Punishment

28 March 2015. Richmond, VA I stepped out into center stage, or as we call it, the middle of the […]

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swiss wing over ny

In Time (Life Imitates Art)

24 March 2015. Over New York, NY I sat anxiously in my seat. The plane I was on from Geneva […]

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french countryside

Your French is Very Good

19 March 2015. Dijon, France I was looking over a wide assortment of pastries behind curved glass when the barista said, […]

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darkened alley

Kidnapped in Italy? Part 2

14 March 2015. Monza, Italy Read Kidnapped in Italy? Part 1. Paola lived at an apartment complex off a side […]

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darkened alley

Kidnapped in Italy, Part 1

14 March 2015. Milan, Italy A few days after my getting murdered scare (and by “getting murdered scare” I mean “me being […]

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royal villa monza italy

Afraid of the Italian Dark

13 March 2015. Monza, Italy The sun had finished it’s job for the day as the night sky overtook Monza. Paola and […]

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A Lion Whisperer, Political Royalty, and Olympian, Oh My

11 March 2015. Geneva, Switzerland I looked out over the empty row of seats. The lights were down, and the title […]

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best tweets 2014

My Best Tweets of 2014

2014 was a slow year for me Twitter-wise, with only 123 tweets (down from 323 tweets last year). On a […]

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performance review 2013

Performances in Review 2013

For the third year in a row, one of my goals was to perform at least 100 times. Last year […]

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