performances by year running

An In-Depth Analysis of 1,000 Performances

My comedy career began on October 21, 2004, with a shortform improv comedy show in Smith Hall on The Ohio […]

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butt sketch artist

The Butt Sketch Artist

Do you think you can be anything you want to be, as long as you set your mind to it? I […]

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best tweets 2015

My Best Tweets of 2015

2015 was another down year for Twitter for me with only 114 tweets (compared to 123 last year and 323 […]

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Improvising Conversations

A talk I gave at the AIN Conference 2015 on how I use improv to converse with other humans.

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Stand Up Set at the Stand

A 5-minute set I did at The Stand in NYC.

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brussels shopping center

Storytime in Brussels

25 April 2015. Brussels, Belgium I cringed slightly as I took the picture. Up until that point, it was the […]

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amsterdam canal at night

A Boat, A Bridge, and Boom

25 April 2015. Amsterdam, Netherlands My boots landed with a heavy thud as I ran down the Amsterdam street. With […]

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fishing rod

5 Guys, 1 Fish

19 April 2015. Stavanger, Norway I casted my line out into the water. The lore made a “plop” sound, much like […]

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8th floor improv banner

The 8th Floor Alumni Weekend

11 April 2015. Columbus, OH I looked around the room at the 30+ people playing the warm up Kitty in the Corner. […]

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