best of 2007

2007 marked my first year of staying committed to blogging, thanks to the 365 Days of Drewy Goodness challenge. That meant 365 days of posts about all sorts of things.

As time has gone on, keeping all 365 of those posts seems unnecessary. In it’s place I’m leaving this “Best of 365 days of blogging” post and the posts it references. For the truly dedicated, the original 365 posts have been stored in this pdf.

  1. 365 Days of Drewy Goodness – This is the post that started it all.
  2. YouTube Dilemma – A question I still struggle with.
  3. The Weekend in Review: Send Off Show – A review of my final “student” performance with The 8th Floor.
  4. Thoughts on Handwritign – While this wasn’t the funniest post I wrote, I did find it interesting to see how many mistakes I made.  Conclusion: a lot.
  5. My Rise & My Fall  – An exercise in creative writing and thinking about my future. My Fall was an exaggeration that calls out what I see as some of my weaknesses that I need to make sure I work on. My Rise highlights the strengths that are going to help lead me to success.

There you have it, the best of 365 days of consecutive blogging.

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