50 states

I’ve long had a goal to visit all 50 states. These are the stories from each one. 50 States, 50 Stories.

The Story of My Year as a Nomad

In my 1,000th performance in my 50th state on my 32nd birthday, I shared the journey of what it was like to live as a nomad, why I did it, and what I learned from the experience. A big shout-out to Civil Beat in Honolulu for letting me tell this story and for putting on [continue reading…]

The Butt Sketch Artist

Do you think you can be anything you want to be, as long as you set your mind to it? I didn’t used to think so. I mean, people are limited by education, environment, and circumstance. And then I saw something, or rather someone, who changed my mind. The Butt Sketch Artist I was sitting at the [continue reading…]

The Walmart Sleeping Lot

11 May 2015. Somewhere outside of Portland, ME I awoke at 06:30 in the morning. It wasn’t the most [continue reading…]

The 8th Floor Alumni Weekend

11 April 2015. Columbus, OH I looked around the room at the 30+ people playing the warm up Kitty in [continue reading…]

The Best Teacher I’ve Ever Had

31 March 2015. New York, NY “Who was the best teacher you’ve ever had?” The question was posed [continue reading…]

Celebrity Punishment

28 March 2015. Richmond, VA I stepped out into center stage, or as we call it, the middle [continue reading…]

My First Day as a Corporate Nomad

I stood looking at my nearly empty apartment. The date was 01 March 2015. The only thing remaining in the place I called home for four years were the last few things I’d be taking with me to Ohio and a bit of garbage. Outside, the snow was starting to fall. At first a light flurry and then [continue reading…]

An Unexpected Start in Seattle

15 February – 21 February My journey to all 50 states in 365 days officially begins here, in Seattle, WA. I was there for couple of trainings I was leading but also managed to say hi to some friends (we had full conversations, I didn’t just say “Hi”). The focus of the trip was a 2-day training [continue reading…]