My Best Tweets of 2021

In my 13th year on twitter, I took a little bit of a break. I only tweeted 123 times bringing […]

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My Best Tweets of 2020

Wow, 12 years on twitter! That’s a lot of tweets. In 2020, I made 324 tweets garnering nearly 825,000 impressions, […]

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My Best Tweets of 2019

In my 11th year on twitter, I slowed down on my number of tweets but still managed to find time […]

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Isaac Drewton – The Aftermath

As a kid, I dreamed of growing up to become an international hip hop superstar… It never really panned out, […]

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best tweets 2018

My Best Tweets of 2018

2018 marked my 10th year on Twitter. Like previous years, I decided to take a look back at my best […]

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best tweets of 2017

My Best Tweets of 2017

I was a busy tweeter in 2017 with 641 tweets, 150,000+ impressions, 810 likes, and 170 retweets, here are my top tweets […]

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Cliched Meaning of Life

Here it is in text format: Have you ever seen a performance so inspirational, gone through a breakup so challenging, […]

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Math Pick-Up Lines

Why I don’t do so well in the bar scene.

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best tweets 2016

My Best Tweets of 2016

After 156 tweets, 90,000 impressions, 441 likes, and 83 retweets, here are my top tweets of 2016: 1. Ghost Insecurities Ghost A: […]

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