My Best Tweets of 2017

I was a busy tweeter in 2017 with 641 tweets, 150,000+ impressions, 810 likes, and 170 retweets, here are my top tweets of 2017: 1. 10 Marks the Spot Converting the numbers 51, 6, and 500 to Roman Numerals makes me LIVID. — drewtarvin (@drewtarvin) February 12, 2017 2. Purchasing Decisions Should we split the cost of [continue reading…]

My Best Tweets of 2016

After 156 tweets, 90,000 impressions, 441 likes, and 83 retweets, here are my top tweets of 2016: 1. Ghost Insecurities Ghost A: I’m really nervous, we’re going to get caught.Ghost B: Dude, just act super natural. — drewtarvin (@drewtarvin) September 22, 2016 2. Dessert Opinions I don't understand mint chocolate. I've never been eating a dessert and [continue reading…]

My Best Tweets of 2015

2015 was another down year for Twitter for me with only 114 tweets (compared to 123 last year and 323 the year before). Overall it led to 61,452 impressions, 135 retweets, and 221 likes (aka the new favorites). Here are my Top 20 Tweets of 2015: Efficiency should be a one syllable word. — drewtarvin [continue reading…]

My Best Tweets of 2014

2014 was a slow year for me Twitter-wise, with only 123 tweets (down from 323 tweets last year). On a positive note, Twitter now shares more statistics, so I know those 123 tweets led to 25,535 impressions, 59 retweets, and 70 favorites. Here are my top 20 tweets from 2014: Life is about perspective. They [continue reading…]

My Best Tweets of 2013

Ignoring retweets and direct messages, I tweeted 323 times in 2013. 99% of those tweets were puns. Here are my 20 favorites from the last year: Composers are unsung heroes of music. I bet Ford Mustangs get stolen a lot. It makes sense for a muscle car to get jacked. In highschool I was like butter [continue reading…]

My Best Tweets of 2012

It’s no secret that I love puns and wordplay. At this point, it’s almost exclusively what I tweet, with 2012 being no exception. Over the course of the year, I had 319 tweets. My favorites are shared here. “How good are you with PowerPoint?” “I Excel at it.” “Was that a Microsoft Office pun?” “Word.” [continue reading…]

My Best Tweets of 2011

I finished the year with 1,549 tweets all time, with around 300 tweets coming this year. Of those 300-ish tweets, here are my favorites from 2011. Best One-Liners Cereal for dinner? Life is good. A guy asked me if I wanted some free fish. I asked, “What’s the catch?” If you’re having router problems I [continue reading…]

My Best Tweets of 2010

I tweeted a lot in 2010 (roughly 570 times).  There were a lot of bad ones.  Luckily there were also some I really enjoyed.  Repeated here for your groaning pleasure are my “best” tweets of 2010: Best Jokes My tailor asked if I needed help trying on a tux. I said “No.” He said “fine, [continue reading…]